Hi, I'mDorottya Szoke

Graphic Designer

UI design for Landing and Website pages

With BIMA being in many countries and selling many products, we created the same amount of landing pages and kept updating our main website design to reflect the company’s evolution growing in the digital world.

Users reported the loading speed was very long for markets with slow mobile internet, and it took 2-3 minutes to download the page on a weak signal. It caused frustration and disengagement, so we needed to lighten up the home page, where we had many icons and images.

The second issue was the company has grown massively, and it changed the tone and voice of how BIMA would like to present itself to customers as a global modern health insurance organization.

Our goals were to increase the loading speed of the Home page to 5 seconds and to give a modern digital fresh look and feel to the design.

In the design steps, we removed customers’ images from emerging markets and replaced them with a mobile mockup that features our new mobile app, which is ready to launch.
I had a short period to deliver updates on certain pages.
I have changed the heavy block colours and replaced them with more white space light backgrounds and removed unnecessary images. I have also replaced icon sets and given a modern business approach to the pages.